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New drop-off and pick-up locations for rideshare services

The Orange County Convention Center has taken steps to integrate the unique demands of rideshare services, such as Lyft and Uber, into the transportation planning needs of events. As such, the OCCC has installed permanent drop-off and pick-up points for rideshare services. These four rideshare locations, conveniently placed throughout the convention center campus, are highly visible and indicated with banners, signage and flags.

The OCCC has coordinated with service providers to establish convenient pick-up locations and set geofences around the convention center campus. This means that when an attendee opens their Lyft or Uber app to request a ride, they will be directed to meet their driver at one of our pick-up points based on where they are located on the campus.

With drop-offs, the OCCC uses a multi-faceted approach to guide attendees to their destination. The process starts with a monthly newsletter which includes information on upcoming events and their respective location on the campus. This helps companies like Lyft and Uber disseminate information to their drivers. We then build a programming plan for our exterior wayfinding system which helps route attendees to their respective event locations. Additionally, our traffic personnel, supplemented by static and changeable portable signs, provide further direction. We utilize signs, cones, banners and flags to create highly visible drop-off zones.


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