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Orange County's "Center of Hospitality"
The Orange County Convention Center's (OCCC) mission is economic development while providing outstanding service to its clients, exhibitors and attendees.
Celebrating more than 30 years of success, the OCCC is the second largest convention facility in the United States, owned and operated by Orange County Government. The center attracts more than 200 events to the Central Florida area each year. As a result, roughly 1.4 million attendees contribute approximately $2.1 billion to the area's annual economy. Learn more about our convention center by viewing the History of the OCCC (PDF).


OCCC Economic Footprint
On average, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) hosts approximately one million delegates annually, all at no cost to Orange County Citizens. Convention-related businesses and educational events known as "conventions" contribute the following to the Orange County economy:

More than 25,500 employees are impacted directly or indirectly by the OCCC
More than 1,000 businesses are impacted by OCCC activity
The OCCC's activity yields a tax savings of $177.79 per Orange County household.

Reusable Donations
The Orange County Convention Center works with each of its clients to ensure that any leftover food and/or products after an event or show are donated to local schools, hospitals, or other non-profit organizations.

The OCCC assists by facilitating the donation process of reusable goods that help charitable organizations in Orange County and other areas benefit from these materials, excess goods, services, and merchandise.

Examples of OCCC post-event donations include:

· Building materials to Habitat for Humanity
· Flowers and plants to local assisted-living facilities and nursing homes
· Food Donations to Second Harvest Food Bank and the Coalition for the Homeless
· Educational supplies to Gifts for Teaching
· Home & Garden materials to Goodwill Industries.
OCCC Central Florida Charity Donation List (PDF).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
The implementation of CSR has become widely adopted as more and more companies find tangible value in volunteerism.

Many organizations regularly integrate volunteer programs as part of teambuilding activities during corporate meetings, tradeshows and conventions. Attendee’s walk away feeling inspired by the experience, while local community groups gain much needed help and assistance.

The destination offers many diverse opportunities that engage meeting attendees as part of corporate social responsibility initiatives. Options include donation programs, team-building exercises and volunteer projects with a wide range of groups that benefit children, animals, education and numerous other community groups.


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