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Our team of dedicated Exhibitor Service Coordinators are ready to provide you comprehensive information on all the services offered to exhibitors at the Center.

The easiest and fastest way for exhibitors to order services is right here on our website. Exhibitors will get instant confirmation their order has been received along with their preliminary invoice via email. Exhibitors can also submit order forms found in the show’s respective exhibitor kit/manual via email, fax or mail.

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is the exclusive provider of:

  • Electricity (24-hour power included with purchase)
  • Aerial Rigging and Lighting
  • Water (fill & drain)
  • Natural Gas & Propane
  • Compressed air
  • Cable TV services

We offer competitive, simple flat-rate pricing for all our utility services. All labor is included in our utility prices so there are no surprise on-site labor charges at OCCC! Additionally, all our electrical services are 24-hour power included in the utility price.

Zach Fether
Assistant Manager, Event Operations

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Exhibitors at the Orange County Convention Center will find designated parking areas for both of our buildings: the West and the North/South. In addition to these on-site parking lots, exhibitors may also have the option of parking in the Destination Parkway Garage, which is operational depending on show activity. For those who plan on driving to the convention center, event-specific parking areas will be listed on overhead electronic signage on International drive and the surrounding area.

Parking Lots

  • The West Building parking lot can be accessed a number of ways - via Exhibit Way (north entrance), via Convention Way (south entrance) and via West Entrance Drive off Westwood Boulevard.
  • The North/South Building parking lot can be accessed by two entrances - Universal Boulevard (north side) and International Drive (south side). Using the entrance off Universal Boulevard is encouraged when attending events in the North/South Concourse.
  • The Destination Parkway Parking Garage is located two blocks west on International Drive and is operational based on event activity. Depending on the show, exhibitors parking in the Destination Parkway Garage may be shuttled to their event in either the West Building or the North/South Building.


Daily Parking Rates for Exhibitors

The Orange County Convention Center is now cashless and accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Prices vary by event and availability of parking.

Our Exhibitor Services team is ready to provide you with the information about the many options our exclusive providers and service partners have to offer here at the convention center. Our team is dedicated in serving your every need and answering any question or concern you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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