The Center-to-Table Gardens have reached completion. Located in the Westwood Lobby, the 2,000 sq. ft. Aeroponic structure has the ability to serve edibles grown on property in an all-natural, chemical-free environment. There are 81 towers cultivating 44 planting spots on each tower and will produce herbs and vegetables for meals prepared at the OCCC provided by our food service partner, Centerplate. Centerplate will also be responsible for the plants, seedlings and maintenance.

A total of 7 harvests have happened since the opening of the Center-to-Table Gardens. Plants are grown in increments in order to prevent having all the towers empty at one time. Therefore, all 81 towers will continuously have plants in them in various stages of growth. In just this week’s harvest alone a total of 783 plants will be ready for Centerplate to use as ingredients.